W H A T   I S   L E T T E R P R E S S ?


Great question!

Letterpress is a traditional printing process originally using cast metal type. Jobs are "locked up" in a form (or chase) and "pressed" into paper.

The combination of the plate height, pressure, packing and specialty paper produces the impressions synonymous with letterpress. While some press studios keep to the original "type set" technique, technology lets us produce digitally designed "plates" so we can create custom designs on the press.


H O W   D I D   Y O U   G E T   I N T O   I T?


I have always loved graphic design, typography and lettering. 


I learned the basics on a 1940's Arab press, which we got from a man who did his apprenticeship on the original machines and now spends his retirement restoring them. I could not believe my luck when we came across the Chandler & Price in Brisbane. We snapped it up without hesitation and in no time... The Line was born...


C A N   Y O U   T E L L   M E   M O R E   
A B O U T   T H E   P R I C E ?


Now that i own my own press I can better appreciate the time it takes, the specialty products required, and the delicate and manual process. But this is what makes it SO special.

That being said, it is extremely important to me that we remain accessibly priced. As each job is different we aren't able to post generic pricing on the website so please email enquiries@thelineletterpress.com.au with your idea and we will respond within 24 hours with a detailed quote and information.


D O   Y O U   H A V E   A   S P E C I F I C   S T Y L E ?


I do, but the generally principle is keeping things simple.
The pillowy (o.k. not a word) texture of letterpress is the hero of this process
so we try not to complicate things and let the products shine through. 
It doesn't mean we can't get a little crazy if you ask us - nicely!**


H O W   L O N G   D O E S   I T   T A K E ?


If we are using an existing design, there is a two week lead time. For custom orders, once the design is confirmed I need 5 weeks to have the plates made, order stock and complete the press. This is important when planning how far in advance you would like to send out your invitations or cards. During peak season there will be a limit to how many jobs we can take on but we will try to find wiggle room if you can give as much lead time as possible.


  I   W A N T   P E R F E C T I O N !
Well... that all depends on your definition! While the process involves a machine, it is very
much a "by hand" craft. When the plates are received, they are lined up by hand, paper is registered (set in position) by hand, and each sheet is fed into the machine (you guessed it)... by hand., and even some of the materials we use are handmade. I'm a virgo (ugh), which means perfectionism is in my nature if you believe the signs - But naturally this process may result in slight variations in alignment and depth of colour. I can overcome this for the most part - but it is something to be aware of.


I   H A V E   A   B U S I N E S S  -  W A N N A   C O L L A B ?


Oh girl/boyfriend you are talking my language!

I'd love to make letterpress magic with you. 

Please get in touch via the contact form on the Home page & let's hustle.




*You can learn more about the BTS aspects
of The Line on our P R O C E S S page.

**Our core principles are simplicity, and price accessibility so
be prepared to sacrifice both the more "layers" you add to your idea.